Think Outside the Book

Ok, so you don’t have a ton of time to do a scrapbook but there are a few photos that you would just love to show off. Think outside the book. There are other options.

1. Canvas

Who said canvas is just for painting portraits?  You can cover it with scrapbooking paper (or fabric), arrange your favorite pictures, add some flowers and hang. Aside from the plain canvas that you normally see, I’ve picked up a couple pieces of canvas that will allow you to display objects as well. I don’t see this type of canvas often but  I like it.  You can put a picture in the indented part and decorate around it or just use the indention for an object that relates to the photo(s) that you’ve mounted along the side. Do whatever suits your taste.

Hole canvasCanvas





2. Wood Frames

Again, cover with paper or fabric and place the photo(s) to be seen through the hole or use that space for your journaling and space your photo(s) around the hole.

Heart wood frame
3. Multi photo frame

Why does each place require a photo?  Use embellishments or journal.

Pix frame

4. Rolodex

What IS that you say???  🙂  It is a small file that we used to keep on our desks with our most used points of contact.  I personally have not done this, but it’s a cute idea for the office. I’ve seen it on a desk with photos instead of all those contacts that we now have computerized.

Now, look around the house; you may come up with other ideas when you open your mind to the possibilities.  It’s ok to break the rules when it’s art.


SO, you’re using all those different pieces of paper and you have snips and scraps lying around. What do you do with those????

Make cards. They just need small pieces of paper to decorate. card


Hope this gives you inspiration to create!






By Debra Armstrong
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3 thoughts on “Think Outside the Book

    • Bryana, I was pretty sure I knew the answer but I wanted to confirm. It IS Artist’s Loft (this is what I normally buy – I like the quality). It IS at Michaels and is called Deco Shadow Box Canvas. It comes in a variety of sizes from 12 x 12 @ $17.99 to 12×36 @ $44.99. It also comes in burlap and in the same sizes but runs slightly higher in price. That could make an interesting scrapping on the wall piece too. Enjoy!!! I’d love to see your project when it’s done if you’re willing to share. ~Debbi

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