Paper Bag Books

Paper bag books can not only be fun to make but they’re quick, easy AND use of the small scraps of paper you have left over from page layouts.

Paper Bag Books

Lunch bags used here but you can use any size

Take 3 lunch bags (can be purchased at the Dollar Store) and lay out as follows:

Paper Bag Books

Order of bags

Stack them and fold them in half.

You’ll want to bind this folded edge somehow. I’ve used large eyelets, in this case, but you can use a heavy duty stapler, cut holes and use rings or cut holes and string with ribbon. It’s all up to you.

Paper Bag Books

Front of eyelet

If you use eyelets:

-Make a hole where you want to place the eyelet
-Drop the eyelet into the hole and with your finger over the eyelet, flip the bags over. Carefully pull your finger out.
-Place the eyelet setting tool in the eyelet back and hit it with a hammer until the eyelet locks into the paper.

Paper Bag Books

Tool. Notice little tip at the end that fits into the back of the eyelet.

Paper Bag Books

Back of finished eyelet.








Now decorate with scrapbooking paper and add photos (making sure no photo touches the paper bag directly)

Use the pockets for journaling or line the pockets with scrapbooking paper and add a photo on a tag that can be pulled out.

Paper Bag Books

Pocket made from inside bag.

Paper Bag Books

Another pocket made from the bag flap. Insert tag.

Have fun with it.  Use your imagination.  I’ve made TONS of these.  They’re fast, easy and people enjoy them.





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2 thoughts on “Paper Bag Books

  1. I love these paper bag books, I’ve got lots of pretty scraps of paper left over from Grandaughter’s projects so I’ll have a go at making some. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

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