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In my past life,  I was a Financial Manager working for the UScruise Debbi Government.  Since I wore my left brain out, today I’m a retired (yay) grandmother of  5 and get to do what I want to do which is mostly right brain, creative endeavors.  Must keep balanced ya know.  LOL

I’ve always had a love of photography and still remember having one of those old Brownie cameras and using flash cubes.  I’m sure some of you have NO idea what those are.  LOL.  I’m certainly not a professional but can take a decent photo.  Of course, I have many interests that include travel and hiking so I also have MANY photos.

I guess I’ve always been a collector of memorabilia as well.  Now some would call this crazy but I like to look back and remember the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly.  Phew, did we really wear our hair like that???  These things are what made me the person I am today though.  I (actually still) have a book I made during high school with all the ribbons, bows, dried flowers and even a piece of our house torn off as I was pulling out of the driveway on my 18th birthday.  I also kept photo albums capturing all those dances, parties and prom. The next logical step would be to combine them.

This was a daunting task as I thought of it before scrapbooking became popular or come to think of it — before “scrapbooking” was a word!  LOL.  Phew, now I feel really old….  LOL.  Today it’s a lot easier to find people who share my love.  There are those that look at my scrapbooks and think “I can never do that”. Well, you can and I’m here to show you how.  I can tell you how to scrapbook quickly and easily and for those of you that want to get fancy, I’ll go into that as well.  Please feel free to ask questions if you need help.  Obviously I’ve been doing this a while and would love to share it with you.

I hope you find the information helpful and inspiring enough to create your own book to look at for many years to come.

Happy Scrappin’

by Debbi

Founder of ScrapbookingForAnyone

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11 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Ya know, in the end, it’s not even about being artisic. It’s about putting your thoughts and emotions on paper by the photos you’ve taken. It’s about telling the person who’s looking at the book who those people are and why you took the photo. Genealogy has become popular and the books created now can help place names with faces from Ancestry or wherever. Just a thought. 🙂 ~Debbi

  1. Hi Debbie!

    This website is amazing, even for someone who doesn’t do scrapbooking! I applaud all your hard work and your organizational skills as well as all the fun and depth of information you’re sharing.

    Maybe I’ll just have to take up this great craft to put together all the things I’ve kept in the “Box of Things to Keep” from my four children’s growing up years. What wonderful gifts i could give to each of them – maybe next Christmas!

    Thank you so much for creating a place where I can learn everything I’ll need to know 🙂

    Gwynn (from WA)

    • Gwynn,
      Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you do decide to take all your children’s memorabilia out and create books for them. I collected my children’s things as well. For my daughter’s 30th birthday, I made her a book. I did one for my son on his 40th and they love them. It’s something unique that no one else can get for them. Let me know if you need help. Debbi

  2. I have known Debbi for 22 years. I’ve seen some of her works in different media forms and she does an amazing job!

    Deb, you’ve been blessed with a talent and leadership skills than many wish they possessed! Congratulations on your website! Wishing you all the best that life can offer!

  3. Excellent details of the process in the different stages of creativity. Good Luck with the webpage!
    Having one of your scrapbooks is a testament to your talent! Jerrie

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