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Cricut vs. Cuttlebug/Sizzix

Usually when I try to determine which product to purchase, I will do a pros and cons list.   However, in this case; no two people have the same need, want or budget.  Therefore, the following is simply a comparison of the two tools.


Makes die cut shapes
Like computer – needs to be plugged in
Not very mobile
Cartridge with plastic overlay
Choose size, # of images you want
Can change pressure of blade to accommodate different thicknesses                                              of paper
Small items can be difficult to remove from sticky mat
Cartridges range in price from $30- $90
Can cut out appliqués if you’re a sewer


Makes die cut shapes
Runs kind of like a pasta machine with a hand operated crank
Travel friendly
Dies only cut one size – need several for different sizes
Can emboss with embossing plates

When you are deciding on which to purchase, please keep in mind:
-How much space do I have?
-Do I want to travel with it?
-How much will I be using this?
-Are there shapes/sizes that I will be using consistently?
-Do I want to emboss?

The Cuttlebug/Sizzix is more affordable if you are not going to use it a lot and there are MANY people that love these machines. They are good machines! However, if you ARE going to be doing a lot of die cuts, in the long run (and I mean LONG run), the Cricut is more cost effective because you CAN make all the sizes you want with one cartridge. I set the machine and go do other things while it’s cutting the dies.  As I suggested previously, you can trade cartridges with your friends.  That being said, it’s an electrical tool and things can go wrong more readily than with a manual.  I use stencils for my embossing, but that’s just a personal preference (and I had a lot of stencils before any of these machines even came out).  Remember, I’m an old timer.  LOL.  All we had back then was the QuickCutz (yes, I have one and it’s hard on the hands).

I have both machines at this writing and use them both.


by Debbi founder of

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  1. Very interesting and easy to read wegsite. I have never taken up scrapbooking but I have lots of friends who love this creative outlet. The info here may prompt me to investigate further.

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