Memory Connections

I just read an interesting article that I wanted to share with you.

You might think that taking a photo of a thing or activity will preserve that moment in your mind forever. However, there was a study done that proved that this was not so. The study showed that when we take photos, we normally do it mindlessly because we think we’ve captured whatever and don’t use our brain to really process what we are seeing.  The image fails to get stored in our memory.

So, on a scrapbooking site, am I telling you not to bother taking photos? Heavens NO!!!! Please do take photos and take many. Yet don’t merely take the photo, share them and talk about them with others. The process of looking at the photos and talking about them helps your brain make connections and you will be able to preserve the memory more easily.

This means by making scrapbooks you will once again look at these photos and while the event or thing is fresh in your mind, journal what you see, how you feel. Use all your senses! It will serve you well when you get older and read the journaling you’ve included along with your photo. You can relive that moment or the day that you were looking at that special flower, or whatever it may be.  How about that butterfly?butterfly4

May all your memories be special and remembered for generations to come.


By:  Debra Armstrong

Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Memory Connections

  1. Debbi,

    You have such a wonderful site! I’ve been interested in scrapbooking for quite a few years now but haven’t had the time to start. I’m raising my grandson and really want to start a scrapbook with all of the memories since he was a baby, so I’ll be referencing your site often for list of supplies and how-to’s.


  2. Debbi,

    Interesting how memory functions.
    I can remember vividly parts of my early childhood from about 4yrs, by visualizing the rooms and garden areas in two of my childhood homes, and then remembering in detail, what happened in each of them. Sort of like a Mind Map I guess.

    Your site has given me the idea to make a Scrapbook of this (even a digital one), with possibly each page a room.

    If this can be of use on your nice site please use.

    • Shawn,

      I worked with Mind Maps many moons ago. Interesting. Everyone captures memories differently and that’s great. The key is to capture them. Let me know how your rooms work out for you. It’s a wonderful idea.


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