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WHY scrapbook?  Well first, it’s fun and allows you to tap into your creative side.  Second, it’s productive.  It forces you to get organized by going through photos and discarding those that you no longer want thereby decreasing your clutter.   Above all, scrapbooks tell stories of lives through photos and journaling.  As you look back at finished albums, you can relive those precious moments.  Sometimes those moments pass so quickly, it’s nice to go back and relive them. These albums can then be passed on to future generations to be cherished forever.

Simple scrapbooking page

Simple page

Simple Page

or Elaborate scrapbooking page

Art scrapbooking

More Elaborate Page

You choose what kind of pages you want.  I hope to share some page and layout ideas with you as well as information I learned along the way.

I will post current content through my blogs/posts.  You can view them by date or if you choose, by category.  Let me know if there is something in particular you’d like me to address. Just use the comment section.

Scrapbooks are YOUR creation so relax and enjoy the journey.


by Debbi founder of ScrapbookingForAnyone.com
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70 thoughts on “Home

    • Scrapbooking is what you make it. Some people do get really elaborate. I think the story is more important than the art but that’s just a personal preference. Thanks for stopping in, Rudi. 🙂

  1. Wow Debbi, you really have put together a great website! It’s very easy to navigate through, and is so informative…..Well done!! :))

  2. Man, at the comments. It took me a minute just to get down here to tell you how wonderful you are. I love scrapbooking, and I am in love with your website.

    I have bookmarked it and will be going over all your contributions to make our lives better as I find time.

    Somehow I know I will find time for this site and always for you, my friend.

    Like I have told you before, I love your style and that beautiful smile on that handsome face somehow is bleeding through your writings.

    You are a forever friend
    -Col Scott ( Teddy Bear)

    • LOL. Thank you, Col Scott. I love scrapbooking and I think it’s an important part of maintaining the family roots. It’s a way of reliving the good times. Thanks for stopping by, my dear. You’re always welcome.

  3. Hi Debbi – What a beautiful website! Kudos on your development and success with it. I kept scrapbooks during my tween and teen years, but have forgotten about their value since then. It’s a terrific pursuit for people of any age who want to save and share their memories. I’ll be back!

    • Thanks for stopping, Carol. I seem to be the historian of the family. With so many people tracing their ancestry now, I think scrapbooks can assist. Please DO stop again.

  4. Debbi, this is a very nice site.
    Yes, I believe there is a weapon against racing time in this valuable way of reliving it!
    Thanks so much for this work!

    • Thank you, Therese. This is truly a wonderful hobby and I love it. I’ve been out making too many memories so it needs updating but thank you for coming by! ~Debbi

  5. Hi Debbi,

    I don’t know anything about scrap-booking, have been interested in photography for many years. I do believe I could start scrap-booking now after going through your site.
    From what I am witnessing here you love helping people.

    I also can see in my mind how organized you are. keep up the great work.


    • Bruce,

      Thank you for stopping. To me, photography and scrapbooking go hand in hand. You want to be able to show people the photos you’ve taken in an “unboring” way. My biggest thing is leaving the trail for my kids. I don’t have a lot of photos of me growing up. I made books for each of my kids and I was really surprised at how much my boys enjoyed them. So, ask Nike says, JUST DO IT. I’d be happy to answer any questions for you. ~Debbi

  6. Very nicely done…lots of vibrant colors and the content is laid out really well. It almost makes me want to start scrap-booking but that was something wife #1 liked to do, so I can’t bring myself back into those kinda memories. LOL! Anyway, I salute your efforts and your organization skills. Best of luck to you in your success!

    • Dennis, I understand your hesitation to scrapbook. I hate looking back at some of my memories as well. LOL. So many of us have “exs” don’t we? You don’t have to get fancy. It’s more about organizing photos in an attractive way so when you look back, you can remember that hiking trip, or kayaking or…….
      Thank you for stopping by.

  7. I admire your how crafty you are. My grandmother always creates scrapbooks and I always enjoy looking at them. I also really like how how are saying to relax. Some people get overwhelmed if there is a lot of work ahead of them.

    I’ll be sure to show my Grandmother this site so she can get valuable insight.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Chris. They can be a lot of work, but they’re SO worth it. I have a list of requests a mile long so I guess people do like the results but afraid to conquer one on their own. It’s one of the reasons I created this site — to take away the fear.

  8. Debbi, What a great gift scrapbooking is, for the maker and recipient! Youngsters really benefit by feeling love from there parents through their parents scrapbooking them baby books. These books get looked at many times as a child grows. Thank you for sharing your gifts through your site! ,Joe

    • Joe, Thanks for stopping by. I found that while there are still some hold outs, many men enjoy looking at scrapbooks and reliving the memories. It’s a great way to bring a family together.

  9. Hi,

    I have never tried scrapbooking but may give it a try since I have many articles associated with having raised two sons. I really have enjoyed looking through your site.

    Keep up the great work!



    • Donna, Surprisingly boys love scrapbooks (who knew). They’re a great way to look back and talk about those old memories — even with girlfriends. Do it for you AND them. Enjoy. Debbi

  10. Hi Debbi,

    I have not make a scrapbook before. Thanks to your post, I now decide to make one.
    It is an excellent idea. It doesn’t have to be just photos. I thought I will include some of my valuable experience, words of wisdom, inspirational words in the book. So my children and grand-children can learn from this book. Also they will be able to know what kind of person I am.
    I will writing a chapter in the book and tell them who to be a good human being.
    Many thanks for your wonderful article.

    • Mister Wailor,

      That is an EXCELLENT idea. It doesn’t have to be all photos. The objective is just to pass on your history through photos and/or words of wisdom. I use photos, memorabilia (for example ticket stubs) and journal a lot of my thoughts or emotions. I’m so glad I could help you. ~Debbi

  11. I love your site. How relaxing. I like your profile. I was a Analysis for a while. My brain would not cooperate with my desire to do that work. so I scooted into Underwriting. In there I did not have to find those dang pennies. You guys are special, believe me I know. Linda McCoy

    • Oh, but there is such joy when you FIND that penny! LOL. Photography and scrapbooking were always a nice balance to my work life. After all, life is all about balance and moderation, right? ~Debbi

  12. What a lovely site you have here! I have never tried scrapbooking, but now I’m really tempted. Would definitely be good to get all those pictures in order. Thanks for the reminder, Kristina

  13. Awesome blog on scrapbooking which has given me a great idea that never even crossed my mind.

    Since you mentioned photos, I just realized I’ve got hundreds of them hidden away, so a scrapbook maybe a good excuse to organize them better 🙂

    Thanks for the idea.


    • Helping you to spark your own creative ideas is part of my job. When you’re creating, there is nothing that is wrong. I’m so happy I could help. Don’t leave a box of photos behind that are meaningless without the story and names to go with them. ~Debbi

  14. I really like your site Debbie. I think your blogs and comments are insightful and easy to follow and read. Everything looks nice and neat! I like your color scheme throughout! I mean this sincerely as I either forget to put address or captcha code so this is my third try! Your site is worth my tiny effort. Well done Debbie!

  15. Debra,
    You have taken such a simple concept and really gave it a worthy makeover.
    You really hit a warm spot for most folks, and offer some wonderful alternatives to the mundane.

    Great job, thanks for all the neat information.

    My best,


    • Gary,

      Thanks you so much. This means a lot coming from a man. I shouldn’t be surprised though. I made my son a book for his 40th birthday from the time I was 9 mos pregnant with him to his 40th. It was about 700 photos and he loved it. It was hard to convince him afterwards that he was adopted because I wasn’t old enough to have a son that old. LOL.


  16. Love this website. I’m always trying to balance my daughter’s play between the screen and actual hands on craft activities (uses different parts of the brain, right?) This has inspired me to go out and buy her a scrapbook… Thanks!

    • It’s a great activity for kids. It not only teaches them to be creative, but use some logic as well. I still have books I made as a child.

  17. Hi Debbi,
    What a great site. I am not a scrapbooking person but your website inspires me to want to start and see where it takes me. Thank you for all the great tips.


  18. Sharing your passion. Love scrapbooking. I’ll gets things out again, been over 4 months I haven’t touch my stuffs, miss it a little.

    Love your site, very simple and there is so many ideas you can get from your site. Can’t wait to start scrapbooking again.

    Your WA friend,

    Little Kitten

  19. Awesome niche for a website. I love scrapbooking. Seems I never have the time though. Perhaps I will get inspiration from this site. Cheers and Peace and all that Jazz. Tina

  20. The site looks great! Lots of helpful tips and ideas, even for a busy mom like me! I’m more in the stage of “acquiring & saving” my photos to one day be put in a book. Or maybe, I can just send them all to you to do!! 😉

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