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Before you even start to think about scrapbooking page  ideas, you’ll either have pictures that were taken by someone else or, more than likely, you will be taking yourself. (Funny how the scrapbooker often becomes the photographer). However, don’t forget to hand the camera off to a trustworthy person periodically. I say trustworthy because in a group shot for example, you probably want everyones head in the picture. ………..but then maybe not. LOL.  It’s all up to you but in order to get what you want, may I suggest some simple tips.

 – Really look into the camera

o What are you trying to take a picture of?
o Is there a lot of clutter in the background?
o Is there a waterfall coming out of someones head? (been here)
o Can you move the camera around or zoom in to avoid these distractions?

 – Taking a picture of a child or baby

o Get on their level
o Get close

 – Take photos from different angles & perspectives

o Get some unposed shots
o You’re wanting to tell a story
o Don’t be afraid to get on your stomach for a shot if you have to (please be mindful of where you are though) <LOL>

 – Think about scale

o If you’re wanting to show how big/little an item is, put something by it for comparison (I learned this the hard way)

 – Capture little details of an event/holiday

o For example, single ornaments on the Christmas tree, buttons on a dress, simply a corsage, the winning baseball, road sign

If you don’t get exactly what you’re looking for, don’t fret. You can crop or fix some of the bloopers with Photoshop or simply make it part of the story. What’s a “crop” you ask…..seeGetting Started

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14 thoughts on “Photo Tips

  1. Hello Debbi, I had to smile, when I read, the scrapbooker turns often into the photogragh, that reminds me, I should give the camera also often in trusted hands, I do have very little pictures of my self, most of the time I am the photograph. Anyway, I surfed your site, And I loved to see several scrapbooks, especially the brown nostalgic one, thank you for sharing, greetings Loes

    • I’m honored that you visited my site, Loes. I have very few photos of me and my kids and I didn’t realize it until I was doing books for them. I’ve learned to hand the camera off every once in a while now. I have VERY VERY old photos though. Stop by anytime. ~Debbi

  2. Debbi, I have to admit I’m not much of a scrapbooker, but I keep coming back to your site, because it’s such fun just to look.

    But, Photography is something that I know about (I was a professional Fashion Photographer for some major NYC department stores). I also taught Photography and Studio Lighting at at FIT.

    I like your tips, here’s a couple more quick tips.
    When you’re ready to take a picture or somebody, take your first picture and then take three giant steps toward your subject, and snap another. Nine out of ten times that will be the better shot. We all try to take too much background and not enough subject.

    When photographing infants, try this. Before you start taking pictures, put a piece of clear double face tape on one of their hands. That will immediately get their attention, and when their hands stick together a bit, you’ll get some great expressions and interesting hand positions.

    Try those.


    • Phil,

      Thanks for visiting again. I love your tips and coming from you, I’m sure they’d work well. I hadn’t thought of that but then I’m not a professional photographer just a frequent photographer. Thanks for your insight.


  3. Very cool site! I love to scrapbook and cropping has been my best friend since I always forget to check out the background of my pictures. I focus on the intended “subject” and don’t see anything else! Great advice, will revisit often.

  4. This is a great list, Debbi. I love how you’ve captured some really helpful tips, in a quick point form. Lots of really good ideas there, thank you

  5. I really like this site and I like your writing…It’s fresh, informative and funny! You are inspiring me to take up a new hobby. It sounds like a delightful way to corral all the things I have saved over the years that my family calls…”clutter”… and that I call my precious memories! I love your site…It’s so pretty. I can see that you are going to do very well.

    • Families don’t always understand your memories until you put it all together. It’s only then that they appreciate it. Thank you for your kind words.

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