More Organization to the Rescue

Ok, I know I promised photos and papers in my last post, but as I was preparing the post, I thought perhaps I put the horse before the cart so to speak. If you start gathering all these things, you’ll need a place to all of it.

On Feb 21st, I wrote a post outlining numerous organizational ideas, but I’d like to add some with this post then we should just about have this topic covered and you can start scrappin. I just want you to have options. Side bar: I heard on Family Feud the other night that people store things in their trunk that they don’t want others to find. I digress but I did think of my scrapbooking supplies if I ever needed to hide anything. LOL.

So,  let’s start with my own stash organization.  I purchased this via Amazon.  scrapbook storage 4It’s original purpose is to hold all the nuts and bolts in the garage, but it’s perfect for me to store all my little embellishments like brads, buttons, clips, bling, etc.  You can see through the little drawers so it’s a time saver for me.  Because it holds so much it’s a space saver as well.

Next, aside from the crate files that hold “to be scrapbooked photos”, I purchased these at Michaels. I would NOT buy them at full price.  Scrapbook storage 3They are way too much (to me anyway) but wait until they have one of their big sales.  I got mine at $2.49 each.  I purchased several.   I use these if I’m collecting a LOT of photos and/or souvenirs.  As you can see, I have mine labeled (crude labels but they work) LOL.  I have a box for my retirement, my daughters wedding, etc.  When I find paper or embellishments that I know I’ll want to use with the photos, I just put them in the box with the rest of the stuff.  Everything is right there when I’m ready to create my book.

The next 2 items I saw in Michaels the other day.

The first is a great idea that I would definitely use if I had the wall space.  Scrapbook storage 2It’s the same concept that you see in many garages. Mount a pegboard then use hooks or baskets to hold all your supplies.  Of course Michaels sells the whole system and it can be configured any way you desire.  What I like about it is that everything is very visible and easy to reach.  I wish I had the room for it.

………….and finally

This is a handy little cart if you have to move your supplies around a lot. Scrapbook Storage I know many of you don’t have a dedicated scrapbooking space.  It’s on wheels so you can move it easily.  My only issue is the limited capacity of it.  I know everyone NOT is a scrapbooking hog like me.

LOL.  I must keep reminding you though….I’ve been at this a LONG time……before “scrapbooking” was a real hobby.

I think I have it covered.  Obviously there are other things out there, but this gives you a taste.

I promise photos will be next followed by paper.   So, stay with me.  If you just can’t wait, I do have a page in my menu discussing some photo tips to get you started.

Debra Armstrong

Thanks for reading.  Comments, ideas, thoughts?

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