Baby Memory Books

So, you have a new baby. If this is the first, you will have a TON of photos. Yet, in this day and age, most of those photos will be on your phone or the card in your camera. It is so easy to snap photos documenting each monthly birthday, their first step and much too quickly, they are driving.

Please note, if you are like most parents, that second and third child don’t have as many photos. My daughter, who is the second child, used to give me a hard time about that. She is now grown with children of her own. The first had a LOT of photos, however, there was a decline with the second and I hardly see any of the third. We get busy as mothers and sometimes barely keep our head above water. To compound the problem, many mothers are also working outside the home.

Babies grow so fast and one day you turn around and they are living on their own. Don’t let the memories fade. Print at least some of those photos and put them in a book for each child along with your thoughts or interesting information surrounding the photo. Add important papers or art work that they have done.

Baby albums

Baby Albums

I was one of those mothers that worked outside the home. However, I managed to keep a baby book for each child.

Inside Baby Album

Inside Baby Album

I also purchased a small book from Current with pockets for each school year starting with preschool. I am not saying that I did a perfect job but I do have pieces of hair from their first hair cut, their report cards and other papers.

Even if you don’t have time to put a book together, allocate a box for each child and gather moments of their childhood.



For each one of them on their “big 4-0”, I made a big book starting from the time I was 9 months pregnant. I picked something from each year of their life then added journaling and commentary. They loved it!! Everything was in one place. They didn’t have to search my computer or phone for photos.

I was able to tell them stories about what was happening or how I was feeling when the photo was taken. They show your perspective as a mom (or dad). It’s something that they can share with their own children. It’s fun to see the look on a little ones face when they realize their mom or dad were once little.

Even little children like to look back at their own baby photos. They realize how much they have grown. Of course there are many things that they do not remember doing so it is fun to watch them look at the photos in disbelief that it’s really them. They even like to look at their sibling’s photos and compare.

Make sure your handwriting is in the book as well. As your child ages and has children of their own, just seeing your handwriting can bring comfort. Some days, as a parent, are really trying and looking back at younger years can bring back good memories and be uplifting.

So, now I hear you………….I do not have time for all that. Then let me ask you this…how much time do you spend on social media? How much time do you spend in front of the TV? We are BORN multitaskers. While you are watching your favorite shows, create a page or two. It is much easier to do it little by little than to try to catch up when they are 40. Even though I tried to capture everything and had the photos, I know some of the stories were lost.

Do not let this happen to you. To make it easier, there is now such a thing as pocket scrapbooking. This is where you have a 3 ring binder and pages with pockets in which you can put photos, cards, journaling or small memorabilia. Here is a sample of what I mean.

Close To My Heart
Pocket Pages

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of these although many like them. It is too structured for me BUT if it is these or lose all the baby memories, well, 3 ring it is! Let me clarify here, when I say “baby”, my youngest is in his 40s and almost 6 feet tall but he is my “baby”. Shhh, don’t tell him.

I hope I’ve helped give you some thoughts and perhaps convicted you a little to start a book or two.

If I can help, please let me know.  Please comment with your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.


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Scrapbook Workshops

I’ve heard so many people say, “I love your work, but I’m not creative” or ask if I have kits. At this point, I don’t have kits although I have MANY Cricut cartridges and the new Cricut that does not require cartridges. Therefore, I might create some kits for people who need things cut out.  Tell me what you’d like in the comments below or email me at: with CTMH in the subject and tell me what you’d like to see.

In the meantime, I’m LOVING Close To My Heart (CTMH) Workshops. They have such beautiful (and quality) papers that you can’t find anywhere else. The nice thing is that you can get a Workshop with not only everything you need for your layouts but instructions on how to do it all.

CHARLOTTE Workshop — Charlotte is new and it’s so pretty!!  These are layouts you can do with the workshop.

scrapbook workshops

Charlotte layout 1

Scrapbook Workshops

Charlotte Layout 2

PLUS you can make about 9 cards using your remaining workshop materials and just a few extra supplies that you may already have if you’re a crafter.

Don’t get me wrong, I use product from everywhere and buy stuff when it’s on sale. However, these workshops are helpful to get the juices flowing. There are a few things that I like about CTMH product:

-you know those small strips that you cut off the end of 12×12 paper? Well, there is actually a design on the CTMH strips so you can use them in your layout or cards – there’s no waste.

time saving – everything is already coordinated.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to find the paper and embellishments to match when I go to a Michaels.  There is just SO much to choose from and it takes me forever.

cheaper – when I go to the store, I end up spending more because I’m not sure what will ultimately fit so I buy additional stuff.

quality of the paper

-I like that the paper is frequently double sided and easy to match

-I like the ideas provided. Some of them take me outside my box.

Here’s some examples of cards I made from the Charlotte Workshop remnants:

Scrapbook Workshops

Charlotte card

I used the watercolor paints on some of the flowers (made from the Springtime Wishes Stamp set) but, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of the watercolor. I prefer the markers for more color saturation. I love me some Copics.  LOL.  The leaves are done with my Copic markers.

Scrapbook Workshops

Another Charlotte card

Scrapbook Workshops

Another Charlotte card

As you can see, you can use all your scraps to make these one of a kind cards that, oh by the way, people love.  They’re also cheaper than a card purchased.  I can’t BELIEVE how much they charge for cards now.

If you’d like to see more workshops, just go to my page.

Thank you for playing with me.  Let me know if I can help you in any of your creative ventures.   Please leave a comment or question below.


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What is Copic Marker?

Copic markers will be a sort of de ja vu for many.  Do you remember when you were a child, you used to color?  Yes, I understand that many of you grew up in the electronic age.  My granddaughter, at the age of 2, had her own I Pad.  I know her dad is a computer guy but REALLY?   However, she’s 4 now and still plays with coloring books and crayons and knows how to use them…..well, sort of.  I’m a stay in the lines kinda gal and her…well, not so much.  LOL.

Copic markers are an adult coloring tool like crayons were as a child.  They are perfect for coloring in stamped images.  They come in a variety of styles:

– Original marker

  • Square body
  • Fine nib at one end; broad chiesel nib at the other
  • Approx 216 colors to choose from

– Sketch marker

  • Most popular (ones I use – I like the brush and ALL the colors)
  • Oval body
  • Flexible brush on one end; medium chisel nib at the other
  • Approx 358 colors to choose from

– Ciao marker

  • Round body
  • Same tips as Sketch but not compatible with air brush system (we won’t address this)
  • Approx 180 colors to choose from

– Wide marker

  • Short, flat body
  • Single wide chisel nib
  • Approx 36 colors to choose from

This is a great overview of the Copic markers:

A couple things that I’d like to reiterate for best results are:

 – These markers are alcohol based so using computer paper is not recommended. It’s best if you use something thicker such as Manga Illustration paper or artist sketchbook paper

 – If you’re going to stamp an image then color with Copic, test the print first. Some of the inks will bleed.  The safe inks are Memento ink pad and Ranger ink pads.

 Copic markers have a number system.  See the numbers on the end of the Sketch markers.


– The letter indicates the color family

– The first digit indicates color saturation. Colors that are 00s, 10s or 20s will be more vibrant

– The second digit indicates the shade 0 being the lightest and 9 being the darkest.

I admit that I tried other markers because my first thought was these are too expensive but, in the long run, I like these the best.  When you factor in that they can be refilled, over time, they do end up being less expensive than the others.  While you can get them in Michaels or Hobby Lobby, as usual, Amazon seems to have some good deals.  That’s where mine came from.

As you can see, this isn’t your coloring book colors but most of us that are scrapbookers also make cards (perfect way to use scraps right?).  These are great for those projects.  You can alter background papers for your pages or color in rubber stamps for personalization like hair and eyes.

I focus on papercrafts but I’ve noticed that coloring has become a very popular form of therapy.  I know many people are using markers to create art which in turn, relieves stress.  Please see a friend’s website where he uses art as therapy:

While he doesn’t use Copic markers, his art is still none the less beautiful.

I LOVE my Copics but you can use whatever you like just as long as you can escape and be a child for a while, relieve your stress and be creative.  It’s a mini vacation or meditation in itself.  Life can be overwhelming at times and our brains are going at warp speed.  Quiet the chatter for a moment.  Use your imagination, color and create!

Of course, I just covered the tip of the iceburg.  Yet, I hope I’ve peaked your interest.

Please leave questions and/or comments.

Thanks for reading.


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How to Sew on Paper

Many of us that are scrapbookers are really die hard crafters in general.  Right?  I admit  I am.  While scrapbooking takes up most of my time, I still like to do some sewing, some painting, some crocheting, some cross stitch, some plastic canvas….well, you get the picture.  There just isn’t enough time in the day and I’m retired!  I knew I wouldn’t be bored after leaving the corporate world.

Just because scrapbooking has become top on my list doesn’t mean I will leave everything else behind.  For example, I have been known to add cross stitched pieces on my scrapbooking pages.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is from a page in my Hawaii album.  If you like to cross stitch, you can do the same.

Another thing you might consider that can be really fun is actually stitching ON the paper.  I know, it’s kind of scary at first.  This might help:

  • You don’t need a fancy sewing machine – anyone will do. I’ve seen a child’s machine used.
  • If you’re a sewer, you already know what paper does to scissors (paper dulls scissors).  The horror if someone picks up your sewing scissors for paper!!!  Keep this same thought in mind with your needle.
  • Use a special needle just for paper. Paper will dull your needle.  You can mark it with nail polish.
  • Use a thin needle. You’re going through paper and you don’t want big holes.
  • Make sure you always sew the paper from the front.
  • You might have to play with stitch length. The longer the stitch, the better.  Shorter lengths will perforate the paper.
  • Again, you may want to play with tension. Too loose will give you loops but too tight will tear the paper.
  • If you use adhesive to hold pieces together (since you can’t use pins), be sure to use it only in areas that you are not planning to stitch in. Adhesive will gum up the needle.
  • You can lightly draw a design on the paper in pencil so that you have a line to follow as you’re sewing.
  • Go slow at corners. You can’t back up like when you’re sewing. You don’t want extra holes.
  • When you’re using any kind of fancy embroidery stitch, you might want to sew on more than one piece of paper for reinforce the stitching.
  • When your sewing is complete, pull the top thread through to the back and fasten – I usually tape it to be sure it holds.
  • So what can you do with the sewing?

-You can sew items onto paper (think lace, ruffles, fabric, felt)

-You can make borders around the entire page

-You can create a journal box (or pocket)

-You can stitch different papers together (think quilt look)

-Sew fabric swatches onto the paper (perhaps matching an outfit)

-You can simply make designs on paper or follow a pattern on the paper

     Samples from London:

Stitch design

Stitch along design

Stitched Pocket

Possible stitched pocket

stitched pocket

Stitched pocket

   Other Samples:

stitched journal box

Stitched Journal box

stitiched fun design

Stitched fun design

Remember – clean your machine often. Paper creates more dust than fabric.

One last thing – all the above is geared toward machine sewing. You don’t HAVE to use a machine.  You can simply use needle and thread!!!!   When I do albums that have a window in the front,  I will often hand embroider the recipient’s initials on paper aidas “cloth” and slip it in the window.

As always, play with this and enjoy the process.  I’d love to hear your experiences.

Thank you for stopping by.

Please leave comments.

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Photos with Pizzazz

See my Photo page for the basics on taking fun photos for your scrapbook. This post is for additional fun tips.

An obsessive compulsive scrapbooker finds paper she loves and plans events/outfits to coordinate with it.  Sound crazy?  I know someone who did that.  NO, not me!!!  However, I was a little crazy one year with matching outfits.  We all HAD to wear white sweaters — BORING!  Fortunately the outfits don’t stand out as much as the weird hair.  You don’t have to do anything like this…..although I guarantee one day when you look back, you will see a photo that you look at and say “What was I thinking……or not”.  LOL.

So, here’s some fun photo taking tips. These 2 come from a friend of mine who was a professional Fashion Photographer for some of the major NYC department stores AND he also taught photography:

 -When you’re ready to take a photo of somebody, take your first photo and then take 3 giant steps forward toward your subject and snap another. Nine times out of ten the last one will be the better shot. Sometimes we get too much background and not enough subject.

– (This one is fun and I never would have thought of it)

Photographing infants – before you start taking photos, put a piece of clear, double face tape on one of their hands.  That immediately gets their attention and when their hands stick together a bit, you get some great expressions and interesting hand positions.

He currently has a great website called makeitez4me.  It’s all about getting healthier. in case you’re interested.

Some additional tips:

– Don’t be afraid to use props for that “formal” photo. They use them in the studios all the time.  How about that teddy bear, goofy hats, Christmas ornaments  …. anything to keep people smiling.

 -Don’t always pose. Take random photos of candid moments.  Sometimes they’re the best.  In fact, hand the camera (if you dare) to a child and let them take a few photos.  They will have a totally different perspective which can be really interesting.

-Use “natural”  frames.  This can be anything – trees, bridges, monkey bars, windows, doors, etc.  Here’s an example of a photo I took of the Great Wall in China.  I was looking out one of the windows.

Great Wall

Great Wall from window

-While I do have a tripod, I don’t use it often. So, when I’m taking a photo that requires VERY steady hands or when I’m using the timer, I simply stack up a bunch of books on a table or chair and set the camera on top.

 -Be creative and look for “odd” shots. Photos that are mirror images are fun.  The reflection can come from water or a monument like this one that I took in Washington DC.  I was standing by the wall and it reflected everything in front of it.

DC monument

Reflective Monument

I hope these tips help stir up some creative ideas.  Unlike the “old days”,  we can now snap a LOT of photos and pick out the ones we want to print.

by Debbi founder of

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3 Easy, Fast, Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, I’m walking into a store the week after Christmas. I see racks of Christmas clearance items which is to be expected but then what to my wandering eyes should appear…………………..shelves being stocked with Valentine items!!!!! Really?? The stores can’t even let you bask in the Christmas glow another week. It’s all about the profits for them and no longer about the customer. It’s sad actually. Yesterday, I was in Michaels and they had St Patrick’s Day items out. Can we focus on one at a time please?

Let’s just work with Valentine’s Day here and now. Now, how many people on New Year’s Eve have the goal of losing weight? Statistics show that it’s the #1 resolution. It’s going good – oops, here’s Valentine’s Day with all the boxes big and small of candy everywhere!!!!! It’s not only chocolate but overpriced just like the roses that will be sold in dozens!!!! You want to show that special someone(s) that you love them but if they’re doing well in their weight loss, you don’t want to derail them nor do you want to spend a fortune.  What are your options?

Hologram hearts

Hologram hearts

Glitter/Smooth hearts

How about a book with or without photos. Michaels has these hologram hearts. There are 5 in a package and really quite pretty (probably about 6” across). They are $3.99 for 5. Then in the children’s section, there is this package of 12 hearts in 3 different sizes and 2 different textures for $1.99. Six are smooth and 6 are red glitter. They also have several different red, textured cardstock papers, thin ribbon and wide ribbon.

Thin ribbon

Thin ribbon


Wide ribbon

Therefore, here’s some thoughts:

Create a little booklet using any variety of cardstock (and ribbon if desired). Hold it together by making a hole and fasten with either ribbon or a metal ring from either the side or the middle.

Side or middle hole

Fasten from side/middle w/metal or ribbon

On the inside:

1- Make a page for each reason you love that person

Gltter heart

Gltter heart

You are thoughtful
You make me happy
You are my best friend
You are beautiful inside and out
You spoil me
(you get the idea)

2- Make it a coupon book with each page being a different coupon. They can tear them out as they wish

Inside coupons

Inside coupons

Candlelight dinner (could be at home)
Breakfast in bed
Day trip someplace
Wash his/her car etc……

3- For children, make it a treat book where each page has treat that can be “cashed” in like a coupon. For example, ice cream, cake, candy, etc. When they have to give up a page/coupon for a treat, it not only makes them aware of a set amount but the anticipation of using another keeps the thrill going.

Bonus- Make a mini scrapbook with photos of special moments along with some journaling.  Michaels has chipboard with a hole already punched in and fastened with a hook like that above.  Just cover with paper, add photos with journaling and voila, a thoughtful gift.

Here’s one last thought if you don’t want to buy hearts. I cut this from some recycled cardboard.

Recyled cardboard

Recyled cardboard

I rubbed red stamping ink over the top and inked the edges in black. I’m big on inking edges as I think it gives anything a softer look. In keeping with the “rustic” theme, I cut a heart from some red burlap and pinned a message to it to create a cover.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a lot. The purpose is an opportunity to remind your loved one(s) how much they mean to you. Be creative.  I hope I inspired you with these ideas and I also hope I helped make your day meaningful.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

by Debbi founder of

Thank you for reading.

Comments and questions always welcome.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here. Are you fresh out of ideas? If you’re like me, you have no problem purchasing a gift for a child up to maybe 5 or 6. After that, it’s a struggle. Then once they hit the teen years, phew, it’s nearly impossible. Of course, electronics are always an option. However, it’s not healthy for ANYONE to be glued to these all the time.


OLD Scrapbook

When I was a teen (MANY moons ago), I had a scrapbook and a photograph book.

OLD (ugly) Photo Album

OLD (ugly) Photo Album

I put all kinds of things in my scrapbook and still love looking at it today even though it’s gone through several moves and is looking a little ratty. Hey, it’s over 40 years old…it can be a little rough.



The photo album is pretty ugly — what WERE we thinking back then with those flowers? LOL.

Today, through scrapbooking, we combine these two and add journaling so that we can remember what that special event meant — or why you were making that face — or how beautiful that bouquet of flowers was — or anything else that helps you relive those good times. Face it, we all have bad days when we feel down. I find that going through my scrapbook will cheer me up even though the event happened 40 years ago. It takes me back in time and who doesn’t want that sometimes. LOL.

So, if you have a child on your list past toddler stage but pre teen, you might think about the American Girl scrapbooking kit. Michaels always has the 40% off coupons. They can be purchased there or if you don’t want to venture out, Amazon will ship it to your door.

For those teens on your list, the smash books are popular.

Smash book

Inside smash book

Smash Book

Smash Book cover

They not only put photos in them, but they draw in them or use them as small scrapbooks. I did one over the summer. I messed it up by talking too much while I was doing it. I started creating the pages then realized I was doing the whole thing upside down. I could just say I planned it that way. That’s the nice thing about creative endeavors — there are no mistakes that can’t be covered somehow. I bet Picasso made a lot of mistakes.

I know these ideas seem a little biased as scrapbooking is my passion but I realized over Thanksgiving that my grandchildren enjoy creating. They get pleasure from seeing what they’ve done and of course, I love watching their eyes light up.

Now matter what you decide, I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas………..and don’t forget to take photos. LOL.

Please let me know what you think and share your holiday memories with me.


Founder of Scrapbooking for Anyone

Thanksgiving Scrapbooking

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November. As far as the stores are concerned, we’ve skipped right over Thanksgiving and moved on to Christmas. I guess that’s where all the money is.  However, we must NOT forget this Thanksgiving when many of us get to be with family and friends and celebrate all the things were thankful for. Money can’t buy these times and memories.

Snap those photos and here are some thoughts about how to make a greater impact in your scrapbook. It’s not entirely about the photos but the emotions and festivities that go along with them.  Colored leaves remind us of Autumn AND the colors of Thanksgiving.

leaf outline

Use as template

Idea 1: how about if you take this leaf and use it as a template on colorful cardstock, cut it out, give each person a leaf and have them write on it what they are thankful for.

Idea 2: use one of the colored leaves (below), cut out and do the same thing as Idea 1.

Idea 3: use one of the leaves in idea 2 or 3, put a person’s name on it then use it as a place setting card for the table. Have each person write on the back what they are thankful for.

colored leaf

Simply cut out

When any of these are done, scatter them around your Thanksgiving photos in your scrapbook. It’s fun to look back when the kids get older to see what they were thankful for on any given year. What a difference a few years can make. LOL. My kids always liked to see what they thought about “back then”.

If you use Idea 3, you can then use washi tape as a hinge on the stem or front of the leaf (where the name is) and when it’s flipped up, you can see what the person has written. If you use a plastic page protector like I do on all my pages, the flip up leaves can be placed on the page protector but strategically around the photos on your page.

Don’t let anyone rush you through the holidays. Enjoy each one and make all those memories.  As much as you’d like to, you can’t get your hours or your days back.  Make the most of every one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

by Debbi founder of

Thanks for reading.  Please comment and let me know if you have questions or concerns.



Washi Tape

Duck tape (or is it duct tape?) has been around since WW II and was originally olive drab in color and used to repel water from ammo cans. It is now used for dresses/wallets/you name it. They even have Frozen (like the movie) duck tape! It has been said duck tape can rule the world.

Washi Tape

Variety of washi tape

Well, perhaps that’s so but washi tape makes that world pretty.  I haven’t always been a fan of washi tape but now that I started using it, I like it. Washi tape is about the same texture as masking tape. It can be cut or torn just like masking tape. It can be purchased at any hobby store, online or even the dollar store. It comes in different widths and loads of pretty patterns and colors.

So, what do you do with it?

Use it in your scrapbooks (most of it is acid free) as:

-a tab on the edge of a page

– a hinge on top of a photo (journal underneath)

– simply a decoration

-write a verse or message on it

Washi tape can be used just as you would use ribbon.

Just like duck tape evolved, so has washi tape. Buy it for your scrapbooks but also use it for:


-Christmas ornament decoration (glass and ceramic)

-gift wrap decoration

-decorate gift bags or even

-label electrical cords so you can keep them separated

Washi Tape

Tape as simply decoration (arrows)



Washi Tape

Tape as hinge
(silver at top)





Washi Tape

Decorate Container

Once you start, you’ll want to keep using it.  It’s not only fun but it’s an easy embellishment that doesn’t cost a lot and goes a long way.

Washi Tape

Decorate Gift Bags

Whatever you do, let your imagination run wild and enjoy!

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.




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Paper Bag Books

Paper bag books can not only be fun to make but they’re quick, easy AND use of the small scraps of paper you have left over from page layouts.

Paper Bag Books

Lunch bags used here but you can use any size

Take 3 lunch bags (can be purchased at the Dollar Store) and lay out as follows:

Paper Bag Books

Order of bags

Stack them and fold them in half.

You’ll want to bind this folded edge somehow. I’ve used large eyelets, in this case, but you can use a heavy duty stapler, cut holes and use rings or cut holes and string with ribbon. It’s all up to you.

Paper Bag Books

Front of eyelet

If you use eyelets:

-Make a hole where you want to place the eyelet
-Drop the eyelet into the hole and with your finger over the eyelet, flip the bags over. Carefully pull your finger out.
-Place the eyelet setting tool in the eyelet back and hit it with a hammer until the eyelet locks into the paper.

Paper Bag Books

Tool. Notice little tip at the end that fits into the back of the eyelet.

Paper Bag Books

Back of finished eyelet.








Now decorate with scrapbooking paper and add photos (making sure no photo touches the paper bag directly)

Use the pockets for journaling or line the pockets with scrapbooking paper and add a photo on a tag that can be pulled out.

Paper Bag Books

Pocket made from inside bag.

Paper Bag Books

Another pocket made from the bag flap. Insert tag.

Have fun with it.  Use your imagination.  I’ve made TONS of these.  They’re fast, easy and people enjoy them.





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