Easy Layouts

 Are your photos just thrown in a pile

Pile Old pix

Pile of photos

Old magnetic album page

OLD magnetic album page (me much younger 🙂

or in one of those magnetic albums   that has weathered and turned brown with age?

Don’t despair.  If you have 10 minutes, you can turn them into a quick and easy layout.

Choosing your paper is one of the key steps.  Don’t pick more than 3 colors or your page will get too busy.  There are thousands of shades and styles to choose from these days.  Try to pick something that will either reflect your theme or compliment the colors in your photo.

Example 1safari

For this page, I simply picked up on a Safari which was the theme of the party.  I used zebra paper and accented it with a sticker embellishment and then did a small journaling blurb to describe the photos.

London pageExample 2

The focus of this page is the colors in the UK flag which I cut out of cardstock.  The pictures are really postcards but I wanted them in my London album.  So, I used my actual plane ticket stub, added a purchased die cut title and plane sticker and then cut out the date. I journaled the story of my trip.


by Debbi founder of ScrapbookingForAnyone.com
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8 thoughts on “Easy Layouts

  1. Thank you so much for this site. I was put in charge of creating a family memorial scrapbook and had no clue as to even the beginning. Now I have some ideas and the direction to go in. Thank you so much.

    • Renee, You’re very welcome. I love doing scrapbooks. Maybe that’s why I’m in charge of the family history. We’ll just consider it an honor. Please let me know if you have any questions as you go along. I’d be happy to help. ~Debbi

  2. Hi Debbie
    Great site! Well put together and easy to follow. How does scapebooking differ from collage art?
    Regards David

    • David, Thanks for stopping by. Scrapbooking, while it can be made into a collage, is generally a book type creative endeavor. It’s a combination of photos, memorabilia (like ticket stubs) and embellishments. What perhaps makes it different is the journaling–the telling of the story behind the photo. Of course a collage can have any of these elements although I often see only photos in a collage. As with all artistic creations, it’s a matter of inspiration and preference. 🙂 ~Debbi

  3. Hello Debbi, In my 70th year, I had a history teacher, an old man running to his pension. He gave an old fashion assignment and a modern one. He said: “Write down and learn your resumé, and he meant literally, word for word, but the second part was, make a scrapbook page next to your resumé.
    And we did! With laces, pictures, colors and text.
    He died just after I left school, but he is the only teacher who left an imprint, and after so many years, he just popped up by seeing your page. These kind of pages do leave memories behind. Loes

    • He was a wise man. I look back at old scrapbooks often. My whole purpose is to make people understand that you don’t have to be an artist. Just put your heart into the project. It sounds like that’s what you did. Thank you for this wonderful story.

  4. The little plane with “Delta” on it is adorable! Cute and easy layout, but that little whimsy just made it for me. :p

    • Glad you liked it. I don’t get as elaborate with the decorations as I did. I find people like a little but they’re more interested in the story behind the photo.

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