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You can spend a FORTUNE on supplies, but don’t go hog wild as a beginner. You can do a lot with a little. Stores often have sales and coupons. I pretty much don’t buy anything unless I have a coupon, it’s on sale or clearance. Be creative. You can use any number of things you may already have. Aside from the photos and papers, what you WILL need is the following:

– Paper Trimmer

– Craft mat to save your table when cutting

– Sharp scissors – ones that have a micro tip so you can trim around edges.

– Craft Knife

– Adhesive – there are several kinds and should be acid free
o Runner – used the most for the photo, mat, some embellishments
o Foam Tape – add dimension to large pieces
o Glue Dots – used for small things like buttons

– Pens – used for hand journaling. Make sure these are archival safe.

– Assorted Stickers and a few embellishments


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