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Paper Bag Books

Paper bag books can not only be fun to make but they’re quick, easy AND use of the small scraps of paper you have left over from page layouts.

Paper Bag Books

Lunch bags used here but you can use any size

Take 3 lunch bags (can be purchased at the Dollar Store) and lay out as follows:

Paper Bag Books

Order of bags

Stack them and fold them in half.

You’ll want to bind this folded edge somehow. I’ve used large eyelets, in this case, but you can use a heavy duty stapler, cut holes and use rings or cut holes and string with ribbon. It’s all up to you.

Paper Bag Books

Front of eyelet

If you use eyelets:

-Make a hole where you want to place the eyelet
-Drop the eyelet into the hole and with your finger over the eyelet, flip the bags over. Carefully pull your finger out.
-Place the eyelet setting tool in the eyelet back and hit it with a hammer until the eyelet locks into the paper.

Paper Bag Books

Tool. Notice little tip at the end that fits into the back of the eyelet.

Paper Bag Books

Back of finished eyelet.








Now decorate with scrapbooking paper and add photos (making sure no photo touches the paper bag directly)

Use the pockets for journaling or line the pockets with scrapbooking paper and add a photo on a tag that can be pulled out.

Paper Bag Books

Pocket made from inside bag.

Paper Bag Books

Another pocket made from the bag flap. Insert tag.

Have fun with it.  Use your imagination.  I’ve made TONS of these.  They’re fast, easy and people enjoy them.





by Debbi founder of ScrapbookingForAnyone.com

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Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

The stores have been putting out Christmas items since this summer. Crafters start early. Yet many of us work better under pressure. So there’s still time to create something special. Have you thought about what you’re going to give that person who has everything? I’m right there with you. Here’s a couple small scrapbooking gift ideas.

Make it personal. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy. I found out that generally between a store bought expensive gift and a thoughtful handmade gift, most people prefer the latter. Last year I bought a friend a gift that cost quite a bit and then at the last minute decided to make her a small scrapbook about a weekend we had taken with our daughters. She LOVED the scrapbook. It was only an 8×8 but it was the memories captured in this book that she’ll cherish.

Here’s something really simple and fast made of cardstock and ribbon:


Outside booklet (heavy cardstock)


Booklet inside

Inside booklet








The outside can say anything from:

-I’m Thankful For …..
-You Are …..
-When I look at You …..
-I Love You Because …..
-Because of You …..
-In Your Eyes …..
-Reasons You Make Me Smile …..
(then list everything on the inside)


-Favorite Recipes from …..
-Highlights of Our Year

You don’t have to use a lot of photos. You can do a 6×6 or even use a spiral bound book. I found this one in the Dollar Store yesterday.

Smash book3

Smash Book Dollar Store

I thought it was adorable. Just make sure if you use one of these and use photos, you protect the photos from touching anything not acid free. You could staple ribbon tabs on the edges for decoration.

I’ve done these small books and put them in a basket with a mug and hot chocolate, tea or coffee and some baked goods so they can snack while they look through the book.

My next post will be talking about paper bag books.


by Debbi founder of ScrapbookingForAnyone.com

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