No time to scrapbook?

I had a question from a young mom asking how find time to scrapbook with 2 little ones. It was not a question she meant for me to answer, but I do understand and I’d like to address it. You most likely don’t have the time especially if you work outside the home as well. However, what you CAN do right now is take photos and keep the memorabilia (ie birth announcements, report cards, pix drawn in school, any pix from newspapers, etc). Keep these in a book or box.  Make sure you have some way to date them though. You think you’ll remember but sometimes the years become a blur (voice of experience). Then when they get older, you can make them a scrapbook and while you’re arranging the photos, journal about where the photo was taken, what you were feeling at the time, what the occasion was, etc. I did this for my daughter when she turned 30 starting with a photo of me just before I went to the hospital. She (and her friends) loved it!  Don’t think this is just for girls. I made one for my son when he turned 40. Of course, I had to tell him he was adopted because surely I wasn’t old enough to have a son that old! He just looked down and smirked.) He loved the book though and was surprised to see some of the things he had written in grade school.

For those of you that DO have the time, pre assemble scrapbooks as a baby gift for those new busy mothers.  I usually wait until the baby is born so I can personalize it; embellish the pages and leave room for the photos.

Hope this provides you with some ideas.

By Debra Armstrong

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