Photo Challanged?

I just returned from a short trip to Charleston, SC. It was a tour with 50 other people. We had a great time. I took tons of photos as usual. However, I noticed that out of 50 people, there were only a few of us with cameras. I found that strange, or perhaps the few of us with cameras are the strange ones. LOL. That got me thinking though. Some people may feel like scrapbooks are just for those of us that take tons of photos. That’s not the case. I kept a scrapbook with simply memorabilia when I was in high school. I combine photos with mementos now.

For those of you that are photo challenged, you don’t have a camera, you don’t want to carry your camera, your dog ate your photos……………whatever….you can use post cards.  I do when I think I won’t get a good shot and I want the photo.  I’m not excited about it mind you, but I do it.  Check out the following:

SC bridge1SC bridge

Obviously, the one on the right is the photo I took.  It was the best one I could get considering I was on a moving boat and couldn’t get any closer. It’s not bad but I’ll use both in my album.


So, don’t fret.  The whole purpose of making a scrapbook is for the memories and not because you want to showcase your photo skills.


By Debra Armstrong

Thanks for reading.  Any comments, regrets, confessions?

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